Ducati introduced the first airbag system integrated with a motorcycle jacket via wireless. This Ducati Multistrada D-Air is only available in Europe from May 24.

Multistrada D-Air

Ducati has announced the introduction of Multistrada D-Air version, which includes integrated system of smart sensors which are connected by wireless with the airbag jackets available in the collection Ducati by Dainese. It is the first case in which a production brand offers this possibility in a standard bike. Thus, the Italian company goes one step further as a motorcyclist safety is concerned, thanks to the agreement between the two Italian brands.

Intelligent passive safety system uses a series of sensors that are integrated into the electronics of the Multistrada to constantly evaluate vehicle dynamics and activate only when we are in a situation of imminent accident.

The Multistrada D-Air system complete analysis and orders the activation of airbag system, both pilot and passenger, in just 45 milliseconds, greatly reducing the risk of impact injury.

The introduction of this new technology demonstrates Ducati’s commitment to safety Italian manufacturer, a path already started with the Ducati Safety Pack, which includes ABS and traction control with various selectable levels of intervention.


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