Today: June 24, 2024
admin Posted on 4:56 am

Google continues evolve “Ghostrider”, motorcycle without driver

You might think that talking about science fiction, but a bike can also work alone. This is the illusion that the Internet giant, Google, has become reality. The “Ghostrider”, is the name of the invention, it is now seeking permission to be tested through the streets.


After starting this summer testing on public roads for the autonomous car, Google now seeks to continue to evolve this technology and want to start testing in California its autonomous road bike. According to American website Visor Down, the Mountain View company would have asked permission from the authorities of the State of California to test-drive the vehicle on public roads.

After years of work and over a million miles in test performance in private circuits, Google believes prepared 100% its “Ghostrider” for driving on public roads. However, as happened with the autonomous car, will be California agencies who will have the last word so that we can see to circulate through the streets of Mountain View this incredible invention.

With this project, Google continues to strides in search of a revolution of the driving. American giant is setting its sights on moving this type of autonomous technology also to transport heavy vehicle, but it seems that in this case other companies take forward.