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Harley-Davidson launches its 110th Anniversary in USA with Kid Rock

The centuries-old custom signature, sponsor of the tour the singer “Kid Rock”, has given the go-ahead to its 110th anniversary celebrations on American soil. The highlight will be held with the party the last weekend of August in Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson 110 anniversary

The year 2013 is very special for Harley-Davidson, above all, for the celebration of its 110 years of existence. In December 2012 was the kick off this event with the act of the American Embassy in Madrid. Now it is the turn to “the Estates”.

The tour “Soul Rebel” by Kid Rock is one of the many attractions of this celebration, which will last for the next seven months worldwide. This tour starts tomorrow in Kansas City and will end on August 31 in Milwaukee, in the finale of the 110th anniversary of Harley-Davidson.

As part of this tour, Harley-Davidson has launched a promotion where you can win a genuine Harley-Davidson custom factory, enjoy one of the performances of Kid Rock on the same stage during his concert in Milwaukee or meet the singer in person, including photo shoot. There will also be an exclusive line of limited edition merchandise, launched jointly.

According to Kid Rock: “The Harley are the backbone of American culture, the American flagship. It is an honor for me and I’m excited to work with this legendary company that has always proclaimed the feeling of freedom here and around the world. In 110 years no one has done a great job of representing America. Nothing to represent America as much as Harley-Davidson”.

In the words of Mark-Hans Richer (Senior Vice President and CMO of Harley-Davidson Motor Company), “Kid Rock is pure spectacle and embodies much of what defines Harley-Davidson and our fans: freedom, independence, self-expression and rebel spirit. We are excited to launch an unprecedented journey with him during the tour Rebel Soul”.

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