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Special equipment: winter jackets

What jacket is more suited to your needs?, Why is there so much difference in price between different models, and what we have to keep in mind when buying a motorcycle jacket for winter? Clarify your doubts.

motorcycle jacket

All those who enjoy rolling on bike year-round know that the good choice of a jacket for winter is essential. It depends that driving is not a torture by the cold and rain and of course we are well protected.

Fortunately for us all the technology used in motorcycle jackets has taken a giant leap forward in recent years, and we can find waterproof microporous membranes which stop water and allow good breathability, removable protections made in light and malleable materials that absorb and distribute the impact forces, thermal liners, seam sealed…

Of course the use of these materials increases the final price, but when we consider the durability of these garments, safety and comfort that it provide and the use that we are going to give, it’s the cheap comes out expensive it may be true. In fact a fitted jacket with removable lining and good air intakes will serve us well for use in outlets throughout the year.

At the time of purchase would be important to look at some elements:

When it comes to protect us from the cold much more surface cover better, so three quarters design are more appropriate as it avoid brew the wind and cold by the waist. In addition if we think tourism must be taken into account that offer more comfort than a conventional jacket having more pockets and broader and waist adjustment.

With regard to those made in cordura should bear in mind that there are different qualities, 500D Cordura provide excellent protection against abrasion. If you do not want the water to ruin your displacements in motorcycle better than jacket have a waterproof membrane. The most popular and successful, Gore-Tex signature is present in the vast majority of leading brands.

Indispensable whether we use the jacket daily as only when we go away. A jacket without protections is not a motorcycle jacket. Most models feature removable protections, but since you paid for them and the stakes going… to get them out? The greater range of the incorporated shoulders elbows and back. There are also models that reserved space in the back to accommodate a back protector. It is indispensable to be properly certified.

As we are not all the same, even though the size is appropriate is important that the jacket has multiple adjustments. Both the neck and on the sleeves and waist. Having tight these areas will prevent us from the cold, or the gloves fit snugly.

If you don’t have a good liner you’ll spend cold. Most are removable, so it is very useful to be able to continue using the jacket when it’s not cold. It must be perfectly adjusted to the jacket and if it has central zipper, much better.

Details, but that matter. The air captures that we can close and open to our whim they will allow us to be ventilated when we circulate in more warm epochs. Zipper cover, either by one flap or by a double rack, prevents external water and cold. Like the zippers and taped seams.

Reflective elements, usually located in the back and arms, allow us to be more visible to other users when there is little light.

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