Today: May 19, 2024
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Kappa dares with off road helmets

Italians Kappa give one further step in the expansion of its product portfolio for biker presenting this season their new helmets KV10 for driving trail and KV11 for the practice of motocross/enduro.

Kappa helmets

Kappa addresses the market jump off road helmets with attractive designs and the will to make affordable motorcycle security, putting it within reach of all. The key line in this new collection off road is to raise the levels of comfort and protection of the pilot in his adventures on two wheels through the countryside and, above all, make it a unique in the market value.

The KV10 is intended for those who venture into bike routes by land. Whether on desert plains, rugged mountains or targeted high-risk, this helmet ensures a high level of safety thanks to its construction in thermoplastic resin, a material that has excellent buffering capacity, elasticity and resistance to impacts.

The KV10 incorporates anti-scratch screen and removable inner lining anti-allergic materials. The closure of the hull functions through regulation micrometer, a quick and simple system. The helmet is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL and in black matte, bright white, black/white/yellow and black/white/red at a price of €127 (VAT included).

Meanwhile, the KV11 is a new motocross helmet that embodies all the passion and the young and carefree spirit of Kappa through a groundbreaking graphics and aggressive lines.

A very important quality in a motocross helmet is its ability to absorb shock effectively, since the head is the part of the body that may suffer most in this mode. At this point, the KV11 easily meets since their thermoplastic polymer shell is designed to reduce any impact on its surface.

The interior padding is soft, plus removable and washable, ensuring high comfort for the rider. In addition, this helmet system features double ring closure, the safest and most reliable in the field of helmets. It consists of two buckles including a belt fit can be tightened to suit the pilot is intertwined. To cover the pilot’s face mud and sun, the helmet incorporates a flexible visor attached by means of screws, and in case of breakage. The KV11 is available in red and orange in sizes ranging from XS to XL, at a price of €109 (VAT included).