Again rumors about large purchases in the motor industry. This time would be the Daimler group, owner of Mercedes, who would be interested in acquiring the Italian factory “Premium” MV Augusta motorcycles. For now, this information has not been confirmed by either party.

Already in 2012 the Daimler Group tried to extend its business to two wheels with the acquisition of Ducati, but ultimately was its greatest competitor, the car manufacturer Audi, who took a large stake in the brand of Borgo Panigale.

Although the Ducati option was eliminated, Mercedes has continued looking one motorcycle factory with which to expand their financial horizons in the world of two wheels, matching, thus its competitors in the German market, Audi and BMW. Companies that currently already have subsidiaries in the bike industry.

It seems that in recent months the willingness to buy has been more and Mercedes have focused their interest on the Italian firm MV Augusta, a company that has achieved great economic performance over the last year. According to several Italian and German economic means, the Daimler Group have made a multi-million dollar offer to the Castiglioni family to take ownership of the firm of Premium bikes.

But one should not forget that despite the growth experienced by MV Augusta this year, the Varese firm has excessive presence outside the Italian market, and the investment of German capital would help, greatly, to expand the boundaries of the brand.



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