Today: May 19, 2024
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Metzeler launches Karoo 3

New knobby tires Elephant brand, intended for motorcycle trail for a use hard-trail adventurer already long travel off-road, arrive next spring to replacement of the MCE Karoo and the MCE Karoo T.

Karoo 3

Karoo 3 is ideal to fit the modern trail of medium and large displacement, either in driving on asphalt or off-road. This is the case of the latest BMW motorcycle, the R 1200 GS, which may be equipped with this model measures 120/70 R 19 front and 170/60 R 17 rear.

The new Karoo 3 model is a very versatile, able to assure all those lovers of the motorcyclists’ travel of medium and long-distance high mileage, optimum grip off-road, a stability of first level and an unbeatable manageability.

Main features:

  • The compounds of the Karoo 3 used highly dispersed components, capable of obtaining a more homogeneous mixture, offering greater mechanical resistance to the lacerations, increasing the mileage while at the same time maintaining a high buffer capacity.
  • The structure of polyester ensures its robustness, and at the same time, flexibility for the tire is perfectly capable of assimilating the irregularities of the offroad terrain, enhancing manageability and traction.
  • Regarding the design of the tread, the lugs have a trapezoidal arrangement in innovative geometry that ensures progressive off-road traction in different angles of inclination. The V-shape of its design, due to the arrangement of the blocks, optimally distributes the lines of force transmitted to the ground, causing a more regular wear on asphalt. The center blocks, due to its large size, it reduces mobility to increase its stability even at high speed. In addition, the spacing varies from the center to the sides: in the center, the blocks are further apart between them to ensure better penetration in soft terrain, providing better traction off-road, while on the sides; in the shoulder pads are more close to each other to ensure greater rubber surface in contact with the asphalt and, therefore, more grip in tilt in entry in curve.

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