Today: April 21, 2024
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Neither cold nor heat: A/C and heating on your bike

Entrosys is American company that has developed portable heating and air conditioning system that heated your suit and can take in the back seat. It is connected to the electrical system of the bike itself … but not cheap.


Jackets with airbag suit even cooling vests and heated systems, helmets with HUD. It is clear that in the motorcycle world and more specifically the equipment still have much room for inventions.

Clear, the bikers still have many “glitches and inconveniences” to solve to make the bike the “perfect vehicle” and one of those problems is precisely the derivative of weather contingencies: when it’s cold because it’s cold and when hot, that no one can hold jacket, protection, boots and more. What you know by experience: those days in July and August when stopped at a traffic light it seems is going to melt even the handles.

American company Entrosys is willing to meet part this problem. Since it is not long ago sold (in the USA only, yet) portable air conditioning and heating equipment. It is a relatively small unit, which can put you backpack or on the back seat of the bike that connects to a vest through a hose. The device can provide heat (three modes) or cold (three modes). The only thing is that when you reach your destination you’ll have to carry in your backpack, if you want to go home “Heated”.

According to the manufacturer, the system can also improve the safety of the pilots to protect from harsh weather conditions. By reducing the heat and fatigue, concentration impairing the pilot will be more relaxed and alert. Of course, the system can also be mounted on quads, snowmobiles and other vehicles.

A/C unit employs “solid-state technology” and also uses NASA rather than technology based on conventional compressor and high-volume. Therefore, it is a compact system that requires a relatively low power to operate (plugged into the motorcycle battery) and is very reliable.

It is also environmentally friendly as it does not use any harmful gas to the ozone layer and has a very low carbon footprint. To operate, the system employs a unit of wireless remote control.

If so, make sure to go warm what we still have winter and chilly this next summer at a price: $1,500.