Today: July 14, 2024
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New Shuberth C3 Pro

The new modular Shuberth helmet increases sports facet, presents aerodynamic changes that improve performance at high speeds and increases soundproofing.

Shuberth C3 Pro

The German brand Shuberth just released its new modular helmet, the Pro C3. Compared with the previous C3 modular C3 Pro increases your sporting side at any time without neglecting the comfort that has always distinguished the Bavarian manufacturer.

Its outer shell is made from STRONG fiber that offers great strength, stability and low weight. The inner shell is made of special EPS foam and equipped with a modular design to provide the maximum guarantee of the shock absorption.

Thanks to the Anti-Roll-Off System (AROS), especially developed by Schuberth, helmet can not be released from behind the head and the reduce tilt angle, decreasing the risk of contact between the chin of the helmet and wattles.

Shuberth C3 Pro

New aerodynamic
The design achieved by working in the “wind tunnel”, gives the skull of a rear deflector integrated and a straight lower edge of silhouette improved aerodynamics, ensuring a better grip of the helmet and prevents oscillating movements of the hull at high speeds. It also has further increased its soundproofing, achieving a few records of only 82 dBA at 100Km/h.

The new design also improves ventilation. It is increasing the supply of fresh air by up to 60%. The combination of integrated channels in the shell and ventilation of the area of the mouth, chin and crown ensures efficient distribution of fresh air throughout the head coming through the front and out the back.

Available in colors: Gloss White, Gloss Black and Matte Black. At a price is 602 euros, VAT included.

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