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Rhizome presents its new rear-view mirrors for 2014

Biker safety mirrors play a fundamental role. Rhizome, the Varese firm specializing in accessories and customization them adds style and design to create a full range of unique mirrors that grows back this year with their new models Drift, One and B-One.

rhizome presents mirrors

The mirrors are a fundamental part of security, of course. But also are among those who like to customize their bike, accessories previously incorporated their bike. Like a pair of trendy new models presented by the Italian brand give a completely different view of the environment and add personality to any mounts.

First is the rear-view mirrors “Drift” , which is perfect understanding between the design of forms and creativity. The details and finishes of mirror and support the body, in black or natural aluminum, create an oval with some retro touch combined with a wide viewing area on the convex anti glare mirror.

rhizome presents mirrors

“One and B-One” are mirrors that fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of the custom and classic bikes. They have been developed taking into account the traditional essence but will also be well with naked bikes, preparations and cafe racers. Both feature a design based on curves, circular in the case of the One and oval in the B-One model with a flawless finish in black color.

Finally, note the functional updated “Veloce” and “Veloce L” (with intermittent approved integrated) that over 2013 have gown to the streamlined sports bikes. Now also available for naked motorcycles, were giving them a more aggressive and powerful look.

As one would expect from a Rizoma product, these mirrors have been fully tested and certified to comply with European standards.