The years of experience in the highly competitive Rizome, have led to the Italian firm to develop these protections for brake levers that allow you to enjoy the security at the highest level on the street or at the track.

Rizoma Proguard System

The new protections developed by Rizome have integrated the latest version of Proguard System, a system that is rooted in the brand’s continued effort to improve the safety of the rider. Currently over 60 MotoGP and SBK equipments used this system that protects brake and clutch to any accidental release.

Rizome has released two versions that can satisfy the needs of all motorists, the standard for street Proguard System and Circuit Racing for Proguard System. The main difference lies in the use of stronger and lighter materials in the Proguard System Racing and specially curved shape of this racing version.

What distinguishes the new Proguard 2013 of its previous versions are the careful design that incorporates universal adapters that can be used on any type of bike and contributes to a sporty bikes and distinction. Besides its smaller size ensure the highest protection while allowing maximum freedom of movement.

The Standard Proguard System, street user, is available for left or right handle by €108 (for you included adapter ) in three different finishes: aluminum, black or gold. The Proguard System Racing is only available for the brake lever in black for €307.

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