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Tips for correct motorcycle riding posture

Although a priori not enough, motorcycle driving is as demanding physically as the practice of a sport, which requires a number of precautions not to suffer unexpected injuries on it.

proper motorcycle riding position

Of truism is to advise a complete equipment that covers all the skin but it is also recommended among other things the use of lumbar support belt for long trips or short if you have discomfort in the back area. It is also advisable to use kneepads in circuit and back protectors in the case of using a field motorbike.

An optimum driving position
There are two keys to getting a proper motorcycle riding position. On the one hand that biker can fully support the soles of the feet on the ground and on the other that, once seated, can keep the elbows slightly bent when you grip the handlebar.

The physiotherapists also provide a list of necessary exercises before departure and at each stop (each 200 kilometers) to warm-up mode. Performing these exercises does not take more than 5 minutes:

  • Turn the neck several times left and right to maximum extent.
  • Perform a semicircular neck rotation to right and left without rotation of 360° but 180° maximum. Repeat several times to each side.
  • Flexing back to catch your ankles with your hands and hold in that position for a few seconds.
  • Stooping bending your knees and clutching the stirrups of the bike with the feet aligned with the shoulders.
  • Support leg on the seat and flex the trunk trying to touch the boots with the hands.
  • Take the boot in the back and pull upward until you feel that stretches the quadriceps.
  • Pick the elbow with the other hand and pull it closer to the chest.
  • Hold on to the bike and rotate the trunk until you feel that pulls the biceps.
  • Rotate the wrist down with an outstretched arm, take your fingers with the other hand and pull toward yourself to relax the wrist.
  • Also turn the wrist upward and with the palm of the hand, push your fingers until you feel tense the muscles of the wrist.
  • With stretched hand, close the fingers only with the knuckles, without coming to close the fist, repeating the movement several times with each hand.
  • Close the handle and open it with the force by stretching your fingers as much as possible, repeating the movement several times with each hand.