Do you remember the first Yamaha 5-valve? The Italian custom magazine LowRide winks at this popular eighties sport, using as a basis the new XV950 cruiser. The YARD special projects continue.

Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports

One of the main challenges of this Yamaha project was to achieve an impressive result with only a relatively simple and easy to undo changes, without radically changing the philosophy of the model number or compromising its reliability or practicality.

With fairing, a rear pilot and a pollock-inspired the FZ750, redesigning the XV950 has been borne by Oberdan Bezzi. The technical coordinator of the project is Andrea Radaelli (Radikal Chopper), a Milan custom manufacturer winner in the category Scrambler & Racer of the EICMA Custom 2013 fair and the Motor Bike Expo 2014 fair. According to their suggestions, Simone Lecca (Metal Bike) was asked to model by hand formed aluminum body in his workshop in Turin.

The painting was made by Kaos Design and highlights the brushed effect to accentuate the work on the metal. The decor in black and pastel tones reproduces the design of the Yamaha FZ750 in 1985. Rizoma turn signals and mirrors also give a touch. The silencer is signed by HP Corse.

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