The Italian company specialized in aluminum was also worried about the little sister of the MT-09. Their new line of accessories enhances the sportiness of this two-cylinder, one of the best options in the naked segment of initiation.

engine protector

All Rizoma products are manufactured out of a single block of aluminum using proprietary production systems and the highest quality standards that allow these accessories meet the approval standards in the market.

Fork/engine Protector
These protectors made of high quality materials such as aluminum and Delrin (a high resistance thermoplastic material) protects the parts of the bike against falls, with an extra touch of style and sophistication. The price is €79 ( VAT included).

Backward Rearsets
Rhizome also proposes its minimalist footrests PRO and B-PRO for passenger, adjustable in lower positions than usual, allowing a more relaxed stance on the Japanese “fierce”.

FOX license plate carrier
The Italian firm has designed the Fox care support, adjustable in height and tilt, which is manufactured in aluminum, which integrates the enrollment in the most distinguished manner possible in the aesthetic line of the bike, incorporating LED lighting, stands for retro-reflectors and rear blinkers.

Specific screen in finished poly-carbonate or aluminum (€149 and € 289 respectively), which reinforces the dark and aesthetic breakthrough of shameless mount in addition to providing greater personality and character.

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