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Honda NC700S ABS DCT

In current times, in many cases, have both bike and not a whim but a necessity. A cheaper way to move the car, but much faster and more positive, with the economic crisis is more important than ever. This year, Honda has presented the ideal solution for users who yearned to combine the practicality of a scooter with the stability of a motorcycle. For them, the NC700S is the solution.

Honda NC700S ABS DCT

What is the formula? A modern design with steel tubular frame embracing a mechanical 670 cc two-cylinder, 47 hp (ideal for A2 card) low power, with room for a helmet in the false tank (gasoline is housed under the seat) nice riding position and driveability. Optionally, you can add C-ABS (€6,149) and automatic DCT (€7,179), as in test unit, perfect!

Besides the naked, the NC700 range unfolds in version X (colors, body trail, 3 cm of suspension travel and without the possibility of DCT) and Integra (scooter), resulting in three variations on the same platform.

Honda was the first manufacturer that was interested in developing an alternative to conventional changes throughout life. Forget the clutch lever and the shift lever is now possible from five years ago. The NC700S inherits the change of the VFR1200F and Crosstourer, the last link in a chain that started in 2008 with the DN-01 and HFT transmission system (it was a mechanical system actuated by a hydraulic clutch which automatically changed the relationship of transmission) and the Forza 250 with transmission S-Matic Evo.

Under the name Dual Clutch Transmission, Honda has the 2nd generation of its dual-clutch automatic transmission (one for the even gears and one for odd).

With the DCT have 3 driving modes: D (Drive), S (Sport) and MT (sequential). From the right pineapple pulling the neutral button (N), two automatic options (D and S) and sequential shift step (MT). The latter manages from the push buttons + (top gear with the index finger) and – (downshift with the thumb) of left pineapple. The D mode is very smooth, rapid change and is ideal for city, while the S rises more laps, more energetic note and is ideal for curvy roads.

That NC700S is a automatic motorcycle under 50 hp does not mean that its use is restricted to urban areas. Although not a sports naked, it is sufficient to vent for back roads, taking into account the limitations of suspension and braking power. The system combined C-ABS Honda typical works perfectly, but a second front disc brake would be appreciated. The stability of the bike is very good, with a low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution. It leads with ease from the first moment, is very nice in any condition and if you opt for the DCT (D mode), you will get used to its almost nonexistent engine braking.

When you exit from stationary electric seems to be a motorcycle, as if it had carried belt instead of string, because you appreciate a small jerk initial fruit of the touch of the auto shift and a torque curve of the engine very flat (60 Nm at 4,750 rpm). To round off the move, Honda has optimized injection for its 14-liter tank will not have problems to reach 350 km of autonomy. The downside is that the bike leans pretty with the kickstand and will be hard put out the full tank when refueling, with the passenger seat up tanking will be somewhat uncomfortable.

Also do not forget to activate the parking brake when you park in costs: remember that you can not in gear. A lever with left pineapple solves the problem.

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