Today: April 25, 2024
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How do you see when you go on a motorcycle? Basic Tips

On many occasions between car and motorcycle accidents occur because from inside the cars have not been able to perceive the presence of the bike. We review some tips that must be taken into account.

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One of the most difficult things you have done to move the motorcycle is that it is a much smaller vehicle than the rest of those in everyday streets and highways of every town or city. This, which is also part of its advantage and offers the possibility to move through traffic and forget about traffic jams, it is a major challenge and is to be visible to other users. There are a series of steps that we can take preemptively and for our own safety, because the best way to emerge unscathed from an accident is to not have it…

So, let’s review the basic concepts that try to not go unnoticed:

Striking equipment
The first key is to stand out from the rest of the traffic. Years ago this was simpler, because the bikes were the only ones that had lights on, but with the introduction of daytime running lights on many cars, highlighting supposed to go a step further. For this and although many bikers do not like, we must recognize that the clothes are colorful fluorine or fluorine bearing parts (called high visibility) make us stand out and we look easier. The summary is that we must try as far as possible go black, then it will always be easier to pass unnoticed if we go with more brightly colored. This situation is even more important when visibility conditions are more complicated, either by is at night, be dawning, rain…

Bike lights
It is advisable to check the lights on the bike regularly. This will be easy if you ride at night, it is seen more easily. In any case, always within the approved and valid lamps for our bike, we must try to choose those with greater light capacity.

Avoid blind zones
There are many times that we do not realize, because our vision on the bike covers a lot of space, but in a car, van or truck that is not true and depend even more of mirrors, at which unfortunately many do not even look. That is why there is a need to be placed at points where it is very easy to see us. Whenever we spread the side should be the driver forward or of the rear corner for behind. This will help us to be seen.

As far as possible we must avoid being in parallel with the driver or a little behind him, since his vision and mirrors will not cover either. Another option is to go behind, but the distance for safety, always bearing in mind that as a general rule cars need less space to stop. If you go back, it is also best to go on the sides of the car to ensure that they can see us by the retro.

Ready to honk
Always remember that if they can not see you, you will grasp the attention touching the horn. In the case of risk, when you think that they can do a manoeuvre in which you see in danger, do not hesitate. It is always better to touch the horn to have to do an evasive maneuver.