Today: July 25, 2024
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Suzuki SV650 ABS

The history of Suzuki SV kicks off in 1999, when the Japanese manufacturer with SV650 gives shape to a really easy sport naked, versatile and fun to drive. The most important points of this Fun Bike were the evolved V-Twin engine, the agile and responsive chassis and a simple, clean design. With the new SV650 ABS, Suzuki retraces the footsteps of previous models with the adoption of the exclusive V-Twin 90° engine of 645 cm³.

Suzuki SV650 ABS

A choice, wanted to confirm whether the compact silhouette of the bike and its characteristics, made of docile and exploitable delivery even at low speeds, grit and unmistakable sound. In this innovative design concept are the adoption of the ISC (Idle Speed Control) which improves the cold start reducing emissions immediately after the ignition, and the exclusive Low RPM Assist, to handle the stages of motor rotation at lower speeds, making it easy and intuitive driving “stop and go” typical of urban traffic.

The combination of these features enhances a technical framework of the highest level, where also stand the twin spark plugs and the system The Easy Start System, designed for the launch of rapid and functional engine that follows the convenience of Push Start System used on most modern cars.

With all these innovative technologies Suzuki declares for SV650 ABS fuel consumption by record, only 3.84 l/100km in the combined cycle, and operating license under the Euro 4 standards, only bike in its segment.

The new Suzuki SV650 ABS weighing just 197 kg in running order, of 8 kg lighter than the previous version. An important result, pursued by Japanese technicians because it can enhance the manageability features in the most driven. The seat height is more limited category of just 785 mm so as to enable any biker perfect contact of the feet with the ground. The new SV650 ABS arrives in dealerships in late March. The list price is set at €6,490 for the matte black version (€6,590 for the version with stripes).