Kappa has launched two Demi-jet helmet in 2013 collection, aimed at motorists more urbanites. The new models have a modern design of a small shell made of thermoplastic material.

Kappa Demi-jet helmet

The two models share a design based on the classic and custom style. Moreover, weigh little, the chic interior is fully removable and closure is micrometer.

The Kv9, has a style close to custom. It comes as a jet helmet without screen. This way you can use sunglasses or even opt for the classic motorcycle goggles with elastic. To ensure that this type of glasses does not fall at any time, the helmet includes a pin specifically designed for the placement of the elastic strip.

This model also available in white has in its matte black version with orange transverse stripe and a distinctive number 47 on its side. This graph is a tribute to the years of experience of Kappa in the sector.

The KV8 stands out for its short viewfinder anti scratch shaped glasses reminiscent of the classic models. Thus, this Demi-Jet is available in simple colors like black matte or bright white, or in its most daring and sporty with concentric bands that give a touch of exclusivity.

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