Today: June 24, 2024
admin Posted on 10:26 am

Kappa redesigns leg bag RA307R

The Brescia company presents the new version of leg bag, a solution to transport personnel as a smarter and stronger than before.

leg bag RA307R

The RA307R is a practical bag that attaches to the foot easily and conveniently through two adjustable elastic straps, allowing the rider to transport all kinds of goods without attaching luggage to the bike and the way during driving. The best way to carry everything you need both daily commuting trips and routes.

This bag is made of durable 840D and 1200D polyester with inserts synthetic leather and finished at rubber EVA (a thermoplastic polymer of high impermeability, elasticity and resistance).

Its 1.5-liter capacity is perfect to accommodate mobile devices, wallet, keys, glasses or documentation. It also has a pocket to separate items from the main compartment.

The great strength of this Kappa bag is its incomparable value for money, since sold to only €24.69 (VAT included).