ADAC and KTM presented at the German GP, ​​the KTM RC 390 Cup. A motorcycle developed to participate in the new Championship “ADAC Junior Cup Powered by KTM”.

KTM RC 390 Cup

The new championship “ADAC Junior Cup Powered by KTM” is a single-brand competition for the creation of new values ​​in motorcycling. With the aim of promoting the growth of young drivers in this type of circuit and discovering new talent, KTM has created the RC 390 Cup a motorcycle with a performance suitable for junior riders.

The RC 390 Cup has been developed with the aim of getting a bike with more affordable and possible sporting potential. This model features a 375 cc engine, four-valve technology, liquid cooled, electronic Dellorto fuel injection and dual oil pump among other features.

The motorcycle of this new cup brand ensures better manageability and easy maintenance, with the sole aim of discovering new talent and to facilitate their entry into the world of motorcycling.

Stefan Perier, CEO of KTM: “Since 1993, ADAC has done a great job rising to young drivers with the Junior Cup. The promotion and support of new talent is very important for KTM, both off-road and on asphalt and therefore we sincerely love to participate both in the ADAC Junior Cup as the KTM 390 Cup with bikes of the brand. ADAC also because we have found a committed partner, strong, reliable and full of professionals”.

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