Today: May 24, 2024
admin Posted on 9:36 pm

MACNA dazzles with new technology Night Eye

The Portuguese MACNA have presented its new collection 2013 absolutely novel technology in the sector. This development, called “Night Eye”, it raises the visibility of the biker when driving at night or in low light conditions.

Macna Night Eye

All garments designed with the new technology Night Eye are highly reflective. Despite the daily aspect that can have a simple dress, the garments with this type of fabric is light and increase driver visibility, even over long distances.

Night Eye tissue is formed by small “pearls” of glass that act like reflective antennas. These tiny mirrors reflect the light that falls on them making the garment is illuminated, and a jacket that looks normal in the daylight at night becomes a fully reflective garment.

The Dutch label already applies this technology to various models of the 2013 collection jackets. Geo2, the Concrete, with an urban twist, or Vision Vest are some of the Macna clothes in which have applied the Night eye tissue.