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Presentation Yamaha XMAX 400

Yamaha is aware that the current market of the two wheels lives, the majority (60%), small displacements with the 125 as Queens of the sector. Its XMAX 125 and of course, XMAX 250 in the intermediate range, enjoy a huge success among the users of the scooter segment since its birth in 2005. For the remaining 40%, Yamaha conceived 11 years ago the already untouchable TMAX, all a reference between the maxi scooter. But the “gap” was great and now it’s time to launch a 400 to cover the “missing link”.

Yamaha XMAX 400

To do this, what better way to right the first to take advantage of synergies and sharing items with their brothers, but suitably adapted and evolved: GT revised engine Majesty 400 (31.5 hp at 7,250 rpm) XMAX 250 reinforced chassis and sporty design TMAX clear reminiscences. Christian Tasca, Chief Designer of Yamaha Europe, has captained the aesthetic project.

Far to assemble the puzzle and that’s it, Yamaha has taken to improve all components in order to gain agility without losing punch. The dynamic is one of the maximum values of the signing of the forks.

One of the changes from the Majesty 400 is that its engine is no longer manufactured in Japan, ordering its production to Minarelli. As a good single cylinder, its feel and response that has nothing to do with the TMAX’s twin, but the difference €5,000 (€5,799 without ABS) with respect to this, neither. The XMAX 400 gift you with a nice smooth operation throughout the rev range and, although at the beginning it sounds a little lazy in low, quickly liven up to offer you the best in media. It is more powerful than other 350cc mechanical competition, but does not seem as “tight”. Its response is quiet but asserting its maximum torque of 33.8 Nm at 6,000 rpm have fun.

A good pace allows average speeds above the law and can reach 160 km/h of marker without effort. Contrary to what you perceive with engines from other manufacturers, the feeling that it could stretch more because there is little fatigue. With its 14 liter tank and logical pace you can maintain a range of about 250-300 km.

One of the strengths of the XMAX 400 is maintained unusual dimensions to be a super-scooter, being very compact pickup and despite the volume of the engine (filter box is good because of it). The 211 kg declared with all full also have good blames (9 kg less than the Majesty 400 and 30 kg above the XMAX 250).

Uses a XMAX 250 chassis more rigid and lightweight (1.5 kg) and although its front end does not have the double seatpost that boasts the TMAX, direction changes are stable and accurate. The rims are 15 inch front and 13 rear, a good compromise between speed and stability.

The XMAX 400 is a worthy member of the immediate family of Yamaha sport. It is modern, attractive and sporty, Yamaha personality without the “peculiarities” of a sport scooter. For example, utilized optimally their holes (two glove in the shield, the left key, and a great spot under the seat with 37L capacity) also betting practicality.

The finishes are good (the seat is confirmed or instrumentation), offers LED low beam and its image is identified perfectly with the “personality Yamaha MAX”.

On the other hand, its catalog of accessories is as large as attractive, with a choice of elements like Akrapovic silencer, high screen, the top case of 50L, Heated grips, Comfort seat or passenger backrest.

The ABS version will arrive later this year, while the standard is available in white, gray and black.