As motorcycle helmet is strongly discouraged, but intergalactic trophy hunting for Predator fans of the series may generate curiosity more than one. We will look to pass.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Go ahead that it is our intention to encourage violent behavior of our readers to the handlebars of his bike, but we thought it was a very remarkable freak exercise has seemed this Predator Motorcycle Helmet, a helmet tribute to the cinematic series known predator.

Since then, few dare to discuss who has priority in a yield to pass a biker carrying this head. According to its designers, NLO Moto, the particular accessory is made on a conventional helmet and therefore meets all quality standards, something that, from here, we dare to question bearing in mind that it does not meet DOT approvals (United States). That without even mentioning dismal quality ratings released some users who have had it on their hands.

In any case, as our trophy hunting safaris intergalactic has its crumb. Not be out at all hung in a prominent place in our living room, perhaps with boar’s head above the tiger skin rug.

The Predator Motorcycle Helmet is made ​​of fiberglass and polycarbonate, features metallic accents, ultra-realistic design and is available through the online store Nlo Moto for $780, 596 euros to change.

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