In the wake of the popular Super Dink, KYMCO scooters expand its catalog with a new more dynamic and sporty model, the K-XCT 125i (€3,199) and 300i (€3,990), which will arrive in late March.


This new Asian scooter manufacturer (2013 catalog features 16 models) introduces the sports segment on KYMCO, minimizing the character of his brother GT Super Dink. The base is the same, like in the two engines to be available (125 cc – 15 cc and 300 hp – 33 hp), while suitably revised.

It has reduced the length of the frame, shortening the wheelbase to improve agility. The new geometries get that win and handling precision. As is usual in the mark, the ABS signed by Bosch will be optional.

The KYMCO K-XCT wears a design by markedly sporty look, with features inspired by the Aeronautics and as innovative technological contribution, a new and recognizable technique for lighting has been incorporated into its front and rear optics.

In the front are used H7 halogen bulbs shiny glass for the beams of light long/short and the blue LED technology glacier of daylight, the design of the subsequent pilot follows the sporty style marked by the headlight of dual lens, providing a large bright area thanks to its array of 20 LEDs which makes it look very long distance. This contribution of double optic headlight both the front and the rear plays an important role in both the style and active safety.

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