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2015 YZ250

Japan’s strong commitment to end their two-stroke motocross bikes for next year and updates 4T models with small details in order to gain competitiveness. Among the flurry of off-road news we are getting these days, Yamaha has unveiled what will be their ranges YZ and YZ-F for the 2015 season. Few changes in regard to machines with engines of valves and a greater focus on its two-stroke models, which inherit solutions already tested in the different international championships.

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Yamaha Launches “MiYamaha” program that you can finance your new bike in the most flexible way for you. After three years you can decide if you renew, you keep or return your bike. Yamaha has launched a new promotion, MiYamaha, so you can buy a new bike in the way that best suits you. The novelty of the funding program is that after three years of your purchase, the Japanese firm gives you the option to choose between three options […]

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Yamaha YZF-R25

Upon hearing the striking design of the sports of low cylinder capacity of Yamaha in the last Tokyo Motor Show, the new R25 is manufactured in series. Although it would delight Europeans against the CBR 300 and Ninja 300, currently only marketed in Indonesia. The market for low-displacement sport is waking up slowly. With major sports with a performance more suited for road and circuit for relatively high prices, these intermediates, easy to carry, fun and affordable models are a […]

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2014 Yamaha MT-125

The “Master of Torque” of Yamaha family grows up to 5 models with the arrival of a new member, a streetfighter version of the YZF-R125 with the same spirit of the naked MT-07 and MT -09. 2 months ago Yamaha left us wanting after suggesting a new mount for the 2014. We had not clear whether it would be a sport or naked, or was coming to Europe, but now we can confirm that. So far, Yamaha had only the […]

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engine protector

The Italian company specialized in aluminum was also worried about the little sister of the MT-09. Their new line of accessories enhances the sportiness of this two-cylinder, one of the best options in the naked segment of initiation. All Rizoma products are manufactured out of a single block of aluminum using proprietary production systems and the highest quality standards that allow these accessories meet the approval standards in the market.

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Yamaha XV950 Pure Sports

Do you remember the first Yamaha 5-valve? The Italian custom magazine LowRide winks at this popular eighties sport, using as a basis the new XV950 cruiser. The YARD special projects continue. One of the main challenges of this Yamaha project was to achieve an impressive result with only a relatively simple and easy to undo changes, without radically changing the philosophy of the model number or compromising its reliability or practicality.

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The mark of the forks extended its range of sports scooter MAX with a sixth member surnamed MOMO Design. The famous Italian helmet manufacturer has decorated this special edition of the X-MAX 400, which may be purchased for €6,199. Yamaha explained that the new X-MAX 400 MOMODESIGN is especially aimed at customers seeking quality finishes and unique design. The new scooter Yamaha has a number of high-tech features along with different specific design features that improve the external image of […]

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Yamaha Tech 3

Yamaha Tech 3 made its official launch today, before starting training under the Qatar circuit. With the already typical black and green image of the bike, according to the colors of its main sponsor, Yamaha Tech 3 and their pilots are ready for the 2014 season. Bradley Smith, Pol Espargaro and Herve Poncharal, team leader, presented the final decoration that during this 2014 displayed the fairings of the YZR-M1 which on paper should be one of the strongest MotoGP 2014 […]

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2014 YZF-R125

Yamaha recently announced the renewal of its 125 sports, The YZF 125R. Sharper bodywork, suspension changes, new equipment and a redesigned injection system make this 125 more efficient and sporty bike. They were the first exit to market with a 125 of 15 hp with next-generation 4T engine and truly sporting pretensions. And at the European level, it was fulfilled that “the one who first gives twice” because it is one of the 125 best sold in Europe. But after […]

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2014 Yamaha YBR125

We all thought that the news of the next year were already presented, but Yamaha lacked the restyling of one of its citizens in the segment of the eighth-liter. For this next year, Yamaha has refined its popular YBR125, now with a new headlamp design with sporty fairing modernizing its image. At the technical level remains unchanged, reinforcing as a practical solution to combat urban traffic.

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