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cycling kits

Fashion is huge in today’s age and time and it has spread its wings to everything from films, television, and social media to even sports. Nowadays even sportsmen and women dress in fashionably comfortable gear even while they play. The urge to look stylish while also being comfortable is something that has spread across various industries including the cycling industry. Designers are always coming up with new designs and trends to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry. Some […]

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Urban Shredder

Hot Wheels has created the perfect machine for those children who feel that particular tingling feel when you are passionate about speed. Halfway between a scooter and a motorcycle, this ‘toy’ sure will delight the little ones, and also the largest. This year, those little ones who already feel passion for speed are in luck, because in this catalog so wonderful contains a new toy: it is the Urban Shredder, a kind of binomial halfway between a scooter and a […]

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Bultaco Brinco

Seven months after the return of the legendary Spanish firm, Bultaco surprised with the new leap, halfway between an off-road bike and a mountain bike with electric motor. Although present in society last May with the two versions of the Rapitan, new brand managers already had clear that its first motorcycle market this new stage would be another. Bultaco chose to skip name for its new product, a lightweight e-bike with electric motor and that promises to be fun to […]

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oto cycles electric bike

The Barcelona Factory Oto Cycles has become known for developing unique electric bikes that combine the latest technology design with the first bikes of the last century. This mixture achieved results in a unique and innovative product. In recent years, vintage is everywhere. And the automotive world is no stranger to this return to the old taste. This time we find the Oto Cycles electric bikes. With a look inspired by the bikes of the century, technologies is up to […]

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road bike

One of the most entertaining and super adventurous bikes that one can opt for are the road bikes. They are stylish, trendy and ultra-cool to own one. However, there is a multitude of road bikes when one plans to walk up to a store and buy one. This is where it is important for one to understand the different features that a road bike exhibits and buy one that caters to their requirements. What should you look at while buying […]

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Halfway between the bike and the bicycle, the company offers a curious MotoPeds kit with all necessary parts to transform your mountain bike into original moped and “descent” fun. Cam Woods, in Santa Monica, California, is the creator of the new MotoPed. Still in draft form, although very advanced, and seeking funding to mass produce the MotoPed is a curious device. Taking chassis and suspension by attaching a bike and a motor (in this case a Honda XR50), through a […]

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Derringer Cycles

The Californian Adrian Van Anz is marking its own style with a new line of vintage motorcycles inspired by the popular motorcycle racing on wooden tracks in eight decades ago. If you have €2,600 you can purchase one. The retro wave that pervades everything around us, of course, is also present in Los Angeles in the hands of designer Adrian Van Anz. Since 2006 manufactures a motor bike with name of firearm (but with double “r”) of the most exclusive […]

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Donky bicycle

One of the major disadvantages of the bicycles is that its don’t have enough space to carry things: although some have a basket, it does not always fit in the wine and snacks we buy in the supermarket, the tools we need for school or work. That is why designers try to new models that fit our needs: there is, for example, Bridgestone Angelino Petite, which has space for one or two babies in a chair fully insured. And, we […]

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Thonets bicycle

In late 2010 the British designer Andy Martin received a request from Thonet to create a road bike using the steam bending process developed in 1930. Andy Martin Studio developed three proposals of the last which was chosen for its beauty and its modest connection to the heritage of the company. Andy Martin: “The challenge was to apply the ancient technique to a bike of the 21st century with its complex engineering.” With the many restrictions that are curving structure […]

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road bikes

A healthy life always includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. Hectic routines and stress are main causes of illness and disease. We cannot remain free from stress unless we work out regularly. Though there are quite a few methods of exercising, cycling on a road bikes is one of the easiest and best forms of exercise anyone could opt for. Cycling relaxes all of the muscles tones the body. Why road bikes? There are many things that are special […]

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